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  • Pugsley Munion - Take My Soul - 1970

    29 septembre 2012

    Us band from Fitchbourg Massachussets, great heavy psych sound! Produced by Zell Sanders, "Just Like You" probably won't have a major influence on anyone's life. It also isn't the psych masterpiece some dealers would have you believe. Those qualifiers...

  • The Dog That Bit People - Reptile Man - 1971

    28 octobre 2012

    Following the split of Birmingham's band Locomotive some remaining members formed The Dog That Bit People. A desire to move away from the "doomy prog-rock kind of sound" resulted in this somewhat bizarre name change to The Dog That Bit People, chosen...

  • Flower Travelling Band - Satori - 1971

    19 septembre 2012

    This is a masterpiece! One of my all time favorite albums, Satori by japan's Flower Travelling band. Enjoy! "Formed in 1967, this japanse proggy-doom heavy rockin' band started their career with 60's West coast acid rock covers under the name Yuya Uchida...

  • Oliver - Trance - 1974

    22 février 2013

    Oliver "Standing stone". "An ultra-rare and expensive privately pressed album by a certain Oliver Chaplin which is an amalgam of folk, blues, progressivism and psychedelia. All the material was written by Oliver. Its highlights include Freezing Cold Like...

  • The Wicked Lady - The Axeman Cometh (1968/1972)

    29 septembre 2014

    Uk's power trio band Wicked Lady was formed in 1968 by motorcycle enthusiasts and biker gang members Martin Weaver, "Mad" Dick Smith and Bob "Motorist" Jeffries. They played their heavy rock/proto doom sound touring around the uk in smoke-filled biker...

  • Leaf Hound - Growers of Mushroom (1971)

    29 septembre 2014

    First album of Uk hard rock band Leaf Hound. The band formed on 1969 by the name Black Cat Bones and issued one album "Barbed wire sandwich" with Paul Kossof on guitar and Simon Kirke on drums. Shortly after the line up and name of the band changed when...

  • Bedemon - Goof's Song

    09 mai 2013

    Pre-pentagram stuff featuring Bobby Liebling.

  • Coloured Balls - Working Man's Boogie - 1972

    10 mars 2013

    Working Man's Boogie by Lobby Lloyd's band and australian legend Coloured balls.

  • Warhorse - burning - 1970

    17 mars 2013

    Warhorse, yet another great forgotten band from the early 70's. Awesome band, sounding a lot like Deep Purple, epic heavy rock with great hammond sound. Enjoy!

  • Uriah Heep - Gypsy - 1970

    10 mars 2013

    This is a heavy rock classic. Here comes "Gipsy" from Uriah Heep's 1970 album "Very 'eavy...Very 'umble".

  • Aardvark - Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It - 1970

    17 mars 2013

    Aardvark was a highly keyboard oriented band, actually they had no guitar player, they played some excellent heavy-prog with a very special hammond sound. Great track from a great album, recomended!

  • Charlie & Esdor - It's All Over Now - 1970

    09 mars 2013

    Instrumental track by swedish band Charlie & Esdor. Originally recorded on 1970 but released on 2005 by Mellotronen label. Track comes from the CD "Charlie & Esdor". Same hard rocking vibes as on "fuck the cops". Totally recommended band! Enjoy!

  • Kleptomania - Elgie - 1972

    10 janvier 2013

    Certainly one of the best belgian bands ever, great heavy rock with prog elements. Totally recomended. ENJOY!!

  • Eugene Carnan - Mountain - 1972

    04 janvier 2013

    Great band from the Rhondda Valley in South Wales, released one only album in 1972. Powerful heavy rock sound!

  • Leño - Castigo 1979

    27 septembre 2012

    Great band from Madrid Spain!! Heavy riffs, great vocals and pollitically engaged lyrics by Rosendo Mercado and crew. Enjoy!!

  • Bulbous Creation - You won't remember dying (1969/1970)

    29 septembre 2014

    Not much is known about this band or it's members. "You won't remember dying" was recorded between the late sixties and early seventies and only released in 1994 by Rockadelic. Yet another forgotten heavy psych gem!

  • Flower Travellin' Band - Satori (1971)

    27 septembre 2014

    Today's entry's an all time favorite of mine. Satori is the second album of this legendary japanese act. Incredibly eclectic sound with oriental influences, acid drenched heavy guitar riffs and mystic lyrics by Joe Yamanaka and crew. Enjoy!

  • Black Sabbath Vol 4

    10 mars 2013


    17 mars 2013

  • Publié depuis Overblog

    09 mars 2013

    Le Libr@ir

  • Crossfield - Take It

    04 janvier 2013

    HEAVY rock from Upstate New York. Track's coming from "U-Spaces-Psychedelic Archaeology, vol. 9", couldn't find much info about this band.

  • Spinettalandia y Sus Amigos - Castillo de Piedra - 1971

    22 février 2013

    From the first studio album of Luis Alberto Spinetta, originally released in 1971.

  • And then there was that time Spock hung out with Jimi Hendrix ...

    04 janvier 2013

  • George Brigman & Split - I Can Hear The Ants Dancin' - 1982

    16 janvier 2013

    Today's entry is a quite special one....First time I heard this I was amazed.... This stuff's incredible...Self produced and originally released on cassette only in 1982 (300 copies), re-released on vinyl in 1995 (1225 copies). , Totally fuzzed-out mutant...

  • Flower travellin band

    25 janvier 2013

    "There is no up or down, Your truth is the only master..." Satori part 2

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