May Blitz - Smoking The Day Away 1970

Publié par Luis sur 19 Septembre 2012

"May Blitz is yet another good example of high quality hard-rock with an artistic appeal. This power-trio, guitar, bass & drums has a very concentrated riff-based rock-sound and experiments along the way. All songs have fresh ideas and there are no compositional mistakes. There are very few clichés. The vocals are a bit in the background in order to get us focussed on the tight rhythm and blues interplay. The riffs are most of the time played with a clean electric guitar, whilst the long solo sections are played with heavy distorted guitars. On some progressive passages the acoustic guitar with reverb is used to get us into new hard-rock territory, hence the 'heavy prog'-label. I would however prefer to call this proto-prog. All songs have some innovative ideas and more themes then would be necessary for a standard hard- rock band. The rhythm changes are very strong throughout. Yet, not only the music of May Blitz is strong, but their daring artwork is a real treat. The hideous fat lady in underwear with a smile on her face is really a good anti-commercial statement. This completes the package into a fine rarity, one I love buying as a vinyl collector. Conclusion. A very strong innovative riff-based proto-metal record that was released at a very early point in history. The progressive influences and the underground sound of record make this a real treat for collectors like me. Way better then Led Zeppelin if you'd ask me! Four stars."