Peter Bardens - Homage To The God Of Light 1970

Publié par Luis sur 23 Septembre 2012

Highlight track from Peter Barden's first solo album "The Answer", released in 1970. Enjoy!

Prior to this solo debut, Peter Bardens had been on the British R&B-rock and psychedelic scene for about half a dozen years, playing in early bands with Ray Davies (Hamilton King’s Blues Messengers), Mick Fleetwood (Cheynes), Rod Stewart (Shotgun Express), as well as (briefly) in Them with Van Morrison. The Answer was his chance to step out of the shadows.

Devoted to a half-dozen lengthy tracks varying in duration from five to 13 minutes, Bardens offered a blues-progressive stew; featuring Love Affair singer Steve Ellis, session vocalist Linda Lewis, Bruce Thomas (later to back Elvis Costello in the Attractions), and most of all his old friend Peter Green. In fact, Green offers some of his best playing as a sideman on this record.

The 13-minute “Homage to the God of Light” is the highlight, its mesh of Latin-esque rhythms, burning organ, and bluesy guitar recalling some of early Santana’s more jammy grooves. It was also played in early Camel concerts as “God of Light”. Review from