Dom - Devil's Grandma 1972

Publié par Luis sur 9 Octobre 2012

Dom was a Krautrock quartet formed with members from Germany, Hungary and Poland in Düsseldorf, 1969. Laszlo and Gabor Baksay were escapees of the Soviet invasion of Hungary, who hooked up with Polish Reiner Puzalowski and German Hans Georg Stopka. Their music was an improvisational mix of Krautrock, Psychedelic Rock and Avant-Garde Jazz, that relied on acoustic guitars, percussion, flute and organ as well as electronics. They recorded only one album during their lifespan, Edge of Time , but they never gained as much fame as the more well known Krautrock bands. By the time this album was released, Dom had disbanded. The group did reform for once in 1998 to record a new piece of music intended as a bonus track for Edge of Time re-issue by the Second Battle label.