UFO 2 - flying - One Hour Space Rock 1971

Publié par Luis sur 19 Septembre 2012

Space rock at it's best. These dudes really knew how to fly HIGH! This album brings so many memories to me... Yet another masterpiece album! Lie back, roll a fatty, let your mind go...

"UFO name is associated with the cosmos, with the departure (of the many possible meanings), the pulsating rhythm of the stars and the futuristic sounds of extraterrestrial technology. The same things associated music of his first (and best) composition. Flying is the second and unfortunately last album of this team. It is absolutely unique, breathtaking combination of blues-based hard rock and space rock. This is impossible with nothing to compare. In any case, I never heard anything like it. The same instrumentation amazing. Space Rock without keys! But! Recipe for a gentlemen came up with songs very easy. I like the simple things are often absolutely brilliant. It begins with a generally straight hard rock theme with vocals, rhythm and blues soundtrack ordinary, almost a standard for the genre guitar playing. It is nice melody, swinging all nice, but can be heard from the beginning that there is more than just a hard blues rock. Mick Bolton just waiting when he finally be able to fly into uncharted space. And when he takes the listener to fly away with you! The center of each of the long track is a musical journey to other worlds! Plays bass guitar and throbbing trance beat that time, Bolton generates unusual cosmic sounds. But at the same time retains the blues tune. It has nothing to do with krautrockowymi meditations. This music is a perfect centering between space expeditions Pink Floyd, and hard rock melodies and riffs." Review by Adamus67